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Pest B Dead

"We are very grateful. We have had an amazing first five years of business. Our customers are truly our greatest asset and we are so grateful for them. The many many referrals have resulted in the growth of our business; doubling sales since we purchased the company in November of 2013. It’s really going just as we had hoped."

- Owner Gary Brogna 

Pest B Dead offers a full range of Services and Plans to meet the needs of both Residential and Commercial accounts. Residential customers praise the reasonably priced homeowner plans which provide a range of services to protect the client’s investment from pests all year long. 


Our Company Philosophy

We are not looking to be the biggest Pest Control Company; we are looking to be the best and most trusted. Our customers are our most valued asset and we approach each appointment as if we were providing treatment within our own home.

Pest B Dead has added to its team of professionals this year. Gary and Jill stated that it is very important to them that the team is made up of employees. There are no contractors or third parties affiliated with PEST B DEAD. They feel it is important that employees hold a vested interest in the company, are accountable, and share the same service oriented philosophy as they do.  Pest B Dead employees are continuously provided with formal training governed by the various states and education related new methods and practices. Quality service and professionalism are a requirement to be part Pest B Dead team.

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